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The effective healing power of strawberries

Does strawberry help to cleanse the body of toxic substances?

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The effective healing power of strawberries

A great deal of my offline time is spent learning and researching various health topics, the most recent being foods and herbs that cleanse and detoxify the body. several candidates square measure on my list, as well as garlic, lemon, onion, dandelion, and a spread of herbs and vegetables.

So it took ME quite out of the blue once I came upon the strawberry as a candidate for the list. the concept of ingestion strawberries to assist the body to cleanse was a brand new one to ME. however, a bit analysis showed that the strawberry contains high levels of ascorbic acid and helps to get rid of harmful free radicals from the bloodstream! In my book, any food or herb that removes any doubtless venomous bodily substances qualifies as a detoxifying agent.

Free radicals square measure the by-product of any reasonably charbroiling meat or food, and that they are by-products of metabolic processes within the body. In excess, free radicals will cause harm to cells, increase the probability of cancer, accelerate the aging method, and build blood vessel clogs. they're counteracted by high levels of antioxidants, like those gift in citrus, bifoliate inexperienced vegetables, and fruits like strawberries. Strawberries conjointly contain bioflavonoids, that minimize the impact of free radicals and assist the system.

To honor this latest member of my detoxifying foods and herbs list, I set a motivating instruction for a strawberry mousse sweet shown below. Yes, one will relish detoxifying foods in desserts and mousses too! Eliminating all those harmful free radicals and malignant neoplastic disease agents are often drained style!