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How to make your makeup hold under heat and humidity?

 Just because it's 40 degrees in the city doesn't mean you should throw away your makeup. On the contrary, it's time to sprinkle on your healthy glow, already sublimated by the sunny days. Everything you need to know to spend a summer in beauty, without seeing your mascara run.

How to make your makeup hold under heat and humidity?

When the temperatures are at their highest, it's hard not to see your mascara running or foundation evaporating as the day progresses. There are two solutions: be brave enough to spend the summer like Alicia Keys, that is, bare skin, or adapt your beauty routine to the heat.
No need to break your PEL, or spend the night on your computer ordering two hundred products to be on top. All you have to do is follow a few targeted precepts and you're done. 

Face cream: time for gels and serums

Under no circumstances will you take care of your skin. NTH (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) is not negotiable wherever you are. You should use a make-up remover that rinses off with water to block imperfections, a toner that tightens the pores and finally a serum and a moisturizing gel texture even if with the surrounding humidity you might think it is too much. We finish with a veil of moisturizing mist.

Before applying make-up, spread a primer with a light hand on the face, neck and décolleté.

Foundation, anti-dark circles: choosing liquid textures

Thick formulas should be avoided. They clog the skin and prevent it from breathing. Added to the humid and hot air one quickly has the impression to choke.

For a sublime skin of naturalness, we just arm ourselves with a liquid anti-dark circle. Applied by touch under the eyes and on the cutaneous defects it makes an epidermis without defect and thus one puts back in his cupboard the foundation and the BB cream not very adapted to heat. For a more summery look think of a light tinted cream. Finally, you can apply a make-up fixing spray to keep a flawless complexion all day long.

Lips: opt for tenacious inks

Transparency will be promoted. For the smile, we adopt the new lip inks, tenacious, and perfect to surf on the trend of "bitten lips" that is really back from vacations. For a healthy glow, we apply it on the cheeks.

In the evening, we choose a more sophisticated matte lipstick, and we set our sights on a translucent powder. Airy, it mattifies and embellishes without any material effect.

Matifying base and waterproof products: our best allies.

The shine, we will refuse. The primer applied before make-up remains our best ally. As soon as the slightest trace of sweat appears, we tap his face without rubbing with a tissue. We haven't found anything better not to clog the pores.

The waterproof, we will not forget. The benefits of makeup and waterproof mascara are undeniable as soon as the thermometer goes red. The lipstick stays on the lips, the foundation no longer runs off the collar of the white t-shirt and there is no similarity with the baby panda at the Beauval zoo. We then spend the day without dripping. And always: the less is the better. We keep the hand light.

Finally, nature, we will help: it is well known, we lack energy when it is hot. Not feel like putting on make-up? We try the pose of extension of lashes*. A rejuvenated look, zero mascara accidents, and incendiary eyelashes guaranteed for three weeks.