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 From the latest aesthetic techniques to natural alternatives, our prescription of the best methods to erase wrinkles and guarantee a youthful look to the skin.

how to remove wrinkles ?

Smoothing wrinkles and firming the skin has never been easier.

Depending on your preferences, you can resort to aesthetic medicine or institute treatments to correct the volumes of your epidermis.

The virtues of these aesthetic techniques are multiple: densification of the dermis, stimulation of the natural production of collagen, or restructuring of the face ... We explain everything to you.  

Smoothing and aesthetic filling

To correct wrinkles, botulinum toxin (Vista-bel, Azzalure) and hyaluronic acid (Juvéderm, Restylane) make the pair: the first smooth the wrinkle, the second fill it up. But here, the union is strength.

The ideal sequence according to Dr. Olivier Claude, aesthetic and plastic surgeon? "Start with injections of dense hyaluronic acid on the supporting areas of the face - eyebrows, temples, chin - to give them back support. Then smooth out some expression lines with Botox, but not all of them, otherwise, the face will look frozen.

The goal is actually to release positive emotions. To put it plainly, on the eyes, we treat the hardening muscles of the frown lines and crow's feet.

And for the smile area, we decrease the muscle that reinforces the bitterness fold, and we raise the corners of the mouth to evoke a happy smiley face. Once the muscles are relaxed, residual wrinkles may be replenished with a more fluid hyaluronic acid". 

Longer lasting, long-lasting filling

The alternative to hyaluronic acid injections to restore the harmony of volumes? The new generation of tissue inducers (Ellansé), with dual volumizing and bio stimulating action. 

"The injected filling gel immediately corrects volumes and then gradually resorbs, and a biocompatible polymer then takes over to stimulate the natural production of collagen and induce long-term tissue regeneration, densify the dermis and improve skin quality," explains Dr. David Modiano, aesthetic physician. 

The interest? "The results are more natural, with no risk of over-correction, and last for two years. You can restructure a face, fill in temples or cheekbones, or correct a chin".

The Second Skin Care in Institute

Inspired by the medical techniques used to treat burn victims, this treatment was clearly designed for those who do not want to touch the injections. The prowess? A mask made of electro-woven fabric, composed of 80% hyaluronic acid, combined with lifting and smoothing maneuvers. The result is a real increase in firmness and density.

Kobido facial massage

Inspired by the age-old practices of the geishas, Kobido is a natural alternative to injections in the wind.

"Massage the facial muscles deeply to tone them", decodes Aline Faucheur, the body therapist.

"Practiced regularly, this treatment oxygenates the epidermis, smoothes out wrinkles, plumps up the skin texture, redraws the oval, and lifts sagging features," she continues.