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15_ tips for beautiful skin

 Beautiful skin, a healthy complexion, and a fresh, natural look, who wouldn't want that? Here you will find many small tips and tricks to improve and preserve your appearance. Because a well-groomed appearance begins with skincare.

15 tips for beautiful skin

1. regular cleaning

The morning and evening cleansing not only removes creams and make-up, but also skin grease and sweat. The pores do not clog and bacteria cannot multiply.

2. cleansing milk instead of water

Water alone is not able to remove the oily mixture of sebum, cream and make-up from the skin. This requires lipophilic (fat-dissolving) substances, such as those contained in cleansing milk.

The cleansing milk is best massaged in with the fingertips or a sponge and left to work for a short time, then rinsed off with plenty of warm water.

3. facial tonic builds up

Facial toner helps to accelerate the rebuilding phase of the acid mantle, which normally takes 20 to 30 minutes after cleansing. In addition, facial toner removes the lime deposits of tap water and cleaning residues that can clog pores in the long run and thus cause impurities.

4. cleansing of mature skin

Water-in-oil emulsions are best suited for cleansing mature skin, as they preserve the skin's acid mantle. Cleansing creams enriched with valuable vegetable oils such as jojoba, soy or sweet almond are just as suitable.

5. soap only for robust, oily skin

Since soap belongs to the alkaline detergents and thus attacks the acid mantle, soap should only be used for very tough, rather oily skin. For all other skin types, regular soap should be avoided.

6. for sensitive or dry skin facial tonic without alcohol

In order not to put additional strain on the fat and moisture balance of sensitive or dry skin, no facial tonics with alcohol should be used, but only alcohol-free tonics or thermal water sprays. Redness, inflammation and itching are thus avoided.

7. fine-pored, rosy complexion through peeling

Horny scales make the skin look colorless and dull. An exfoliation adapted to the respective skin type removes these flakes of skin without irritating the skin and stimulates the blood circulation. Tiny synthetic beads or natural granules made of ground apricot kernels, bran, or sea sand act like ultra-fine sandpaper.

8. masks - fast beauticians

The effect of masks is immediately visible, which is why masks are also called the quick beautifiers of cosmetics. Masks with high moisture content allow the skin cells to swell up, making the skin plumper, fresher and smoother, reducing wrinkles.

There are special moisturizing masks with herbal extracts such as menthol, mint, camphor, etc. for stressed skin. They have a refreshing and cooling effect, redness and swelling disappear. Moisturizing masks with extracts of chamomile, balm, and hops soothe sensitive irritated skin.

9. night creams support regeneration

At night, the cell division rate is eight times higher than during the day, which means that the regeneration process is running at full speed. The slight swelling in the morning shows that the removal of lymphatic fluid and waste products does not function as well at night. Night creams with active ingredient complexes from the ginkgo, pro-vitamin E, amino acids from wheat proteins etc. support the regeneration of the skin.

10. observe limited shelf life of creams

Printed expiration dates apply to unopened jars and tubes. Opened creams should always be well sealed and preferably used within 3 months, especially if stored at room temperature.

The warmer the temperature, the faster the oils contained in the jars can become rancid or bacteria can form in the jar. This applies all the more to natural cosmetics. Self-stirred creams without preservatives should be used immediately or frozen.

11. vitamin C revitalizes the skin

Tired skin gets back into the swing with vitamin C. Contained in creams, it stimulates the formation of the skin's own collagen fibers and also stimulates cell metabolism.

12. tea tree oil against impurities

Tea tree oil (from Australia) in about five percent solution has a strong disinfecting effect and thus fights pimples. After two to three days at the latest, the improvement should become visible.

13. caution with extreme diets

Extreme fluctuations in body weight also affect the elastic fibers of the skin. Massages, sports and body care can prevent this. However, weight fluctuations of up to two kilos are harmless.

14. moisture for oily skin

Oily skin has an overproduction of sebum. It is therefore essential to ensure that the skin is supplied with a lot of moisture but no oil. Light hydrogels or an oil-free fluid especially for oily skin are well suited.

15. facial massage for better blood circulation

Excellent results can be achieved with only four grips, each applied for 20 seconds. A nutrient cream is very well suited to combine the application with a soothing massage.

Stroke with both palms of the hand broadly from the nose over the cheeks towards the ears.

Stroke the forehead with the index, middle, and ring finger in a fan shape starting at the root of the nose and moving towards the hairline.

Draw semicircles around the mouth with both middle and ring fingers.

Stroke in one stroke over the bridge of nose and eyebrows.