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How can the cheeks be tightened? Exercises and tips for at home

 Five tips to maintain the consistency of facial features.

With increasing age, the skin loses elasticity, volume, and density. The body's own substances, which are responsible for firm skin, decrease. The face shows wrinkles, sagging cheeks, and blurred contours. The skin in the cheek area becomes flabby and the cheek tissue sags. In addition to genetic factors and hormonal changes, an unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. smoking, unfavorable diet, too much sunlight) can intensify this development.

How can the cheeks be tightened? Exercises and tips for at home

The sagging of the cheeks can be counteracted by gymnastic exercises, the use of face masks, and a balanced diet. In addition, there are various measures for cheek correction.

Cheek lifts, surgical interventions, and minimally invasive procedures allow for a tightening and modeling of this part of the face. The following tips can help to maintain harmonious facial contours.

1. daily facial gymnastics :

Facial gymnastics exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life without much effort. They can be performed at any time in between and also while on the move. Regularity should be ensured, two gymnastic units per day are ideal. About five repetitions per exercise are recommended. A mirror helps to ensure that the exercises are performed correctly.

Exercise: Smile exaggeratedly wide - hold for ten seconds - relax the muscles-

Exercise: Breath in - inflate cheeks - hold for ten seconds - let air escape (the cheeks can also be tapped with the hands) - relaxes muscles-

Exercise: Make a covered kissing mouth - pull in cheeks - smile if possible - hold for ten seconds - relax

Exercise: Exaggerated speaking of the letter combination "X-O" (fifteen times) - relax-

Exercise: Chewing gum (for several minutes after each meal)-

Exercise: Tense cheeks - press lips into the slightly opened mouth - hold briefly-

Exercise: Press lips over teeth into the slightly opened mouth - smile as wide as possible. After the facial exercises, the cheeks should be massaged in circular movements and with the flat hands from the upper cheek area down to the lower teeth.

2. balanced diet :

Eating habits and general physical fitness are related to facial contours. Being overweight often leads to thick or sagging cheeks, and in order to tighten the face and cheeks, it is recommended that a balanced diet be followed.

The intake of sugar and salt should be reduced, as their consumption favors the increased storage of water in the body, which can cause swelling of the face. Vegetables and fruit counteract such as water retention.
Calcium-containing foods also have a similar effect. Cheese and dairy products should therefore be on the menu regularly.
Vegetable protein and dietary fiber help to tighten muscles and keep cheeks in shape. Among the foods that are particularly rich in protein and fiber are pulses, nuts, and grains.
In addition, sufficient fluid intake is essential. A minimum daily amount of 1.5 l should not be undershot in order to maintain a balanced fluid balance. 30 to 40 ml per kilogram of body weight is ideal. For effective purification, 2 to 3 l per day is recommended. The fluid requirement should be covered primarily by water, unsweetened tea is also suitable.
Fruit juices, preferably freshly squeezed and without added sugar, also contribute to the detoxification of the body.
In case of a larger weight reduction, attention should be paid to increased training of the facial muscles. Since the elasticity of the skin is severely strained when overweight, sagging, sagging skin often remains after weight loss.

How can the cheeks be tightened? Exercises and tips for at home

3. weekly face masks :

The connective tissue can be strengthened by face masks with certain active ingredients. A daily application favors tight cheeks.

Mask with yogurt and aloe vera: Four tablespoons of natural yogurt mixed with two tablespoons of aloe vera gel make a moisturizing, antibacterial and regenerating mask for the face. It should be left on for twenty minutes and then washed off with clear water.
Mask with Avocado and Honey: The combination of honey and avocado also moisturizes and tones the skin. For this mask, the crushed flesh of an avocado is mixed with two tablespoons of honey and then applied to the face. Fifteen minutes is sufficient.

4. anti-aging cheek lift :

Cheeks can be tightened as part of a midface lift, which also includes treatment of the temples, lower lids and corners of the mouth. An incision is made along the hairline between the temples and the back of the ears, skin, and connective tissue are lifted and fat is removed. Wrinkles are smoothed and the face gets a firmer and fresher appearance. Also, the tightening of deeper-lying structures is possible.

The so-called mini-lifting is limited exclusively to the cheek area. It is a comparatively manageable procedure, which only requires small incisions in the front ear region. The excess skin is removed and the cheeks are tightened.

5. surgical or minimally invasive cheek correction :

The modeling of the cheeks can be done by lifting as well as by building up the cheek structures. The German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery mentions as possibilities on the one hand the injection of the cheeks and on the other hand the insertion of implants.

For example, injection with hyaluronic acid is a completely operation-free method, which is one of the so-called minimally invasive procedures. With minimally invasive procedures, the body experiences only minimal stress and recovers relatively quickly. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of connective tissue and is characterized by its moisture-binding properties. It plays an important role in the elasticity and firmness of the skin. By injecting it, volume deficits in the cheek area can be eliminated.
The cheekbones can also be injected with the patient's own fat, which is first suctioned off at suitable body sites. However, the effects of both injection variants are very limited in time. Hyaluronic acid only remains in the body for a few months, and the body's own fat can also be broken down again within half a year.
In contrast, cheek implants are a permanent solution. They are applied to the cheekbone and then remain in this position. In most cases, the implants are made of silicone.
The above tips can help to maintain or restore a harmonious facial contour. Facial gymnastics exercises, the regular use of face masks, and the adjustment of eating habits favor the shaping and tightening of the cheek area.