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10 people who managed to make their skin perfect. Their secrets may be useful for you too

beautiful skin is a result of our efforts and we do not need to spend a lot of money to visit a beauty salon.

 To make your skin look radiant, sometimes 1 or 2 products and patience are enough. But more often than not, fighting imperfections is a system that includes cleansing, moisturizing, protection, and spot treatments for acne, pigmentation, or dryness.
  beautiful skin is a result of our efforts and we do not need to spend a lot of money to visit a beauty salon. Here are the stories of 10 people who feel confident going out without foundation, and all the credit goes to them.

The first experiment:👩

 A girl, she says, has always had skin problems, so she decided to change her care so that she could use a minimum of products for maximum effect. Here's what cosmetics she uses:

In the morning:

  • moisturizing cleansing cream gel;
  • SPF 50 PA+++ sunscreen.

In the evening:

  • Garnier micellar water;
  • serum with niacinamide (10%) and zinc (1%);
  • Moisturizing cream.

Once a week: acid peeling (AHA 30% + BHA 2%).

Second experience👩

 The difference between these photos is 4 years, and the only makeup on the girl's face is mascara. The girl says she has never used sunscreen before and started doing it exactly 4 years ago when the picture on the left was taken.

In the morning:

  • Cleansing gel for normal to oily skin (CeraVe);
  • Moisturizing cream with SPF 30;
  • Vitamin C and peptide serum (Silk Naturals).

In the evening:

  • cleansing gel for normal to oily skin;
  • Alternately: AHA-acids tonic (8%) from Silk Naturals on the 1st evening, retinol serum (30%) from MUAC on the 2nd evening;
  • Facial moisturizing with oil containing lavender essential oil and evening primrose oil (Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehl's).

The third experience👩

 The first photo was taken before the start of the comprehensive skin care, the second photo after 4 weeks. The last picture (at the bottom of the collage) shows the result after 12 weeks.

In the morning:

  • Cleansing gel for normal and oily skin (CeraVe);
  • moisturizing lotion for normal to dry skin with SPF 25.

In the evening:

  • cleansing gel for normal and oily skin;
  • Différin anti-acne gel;
  • Moisturizing night lotion for normal to oily skin.

Twice a week: facial cleansing with grape seed oil.

Fourth experiment👩

 The first photo was taken on March 12, the second on June 4, and the third on June 23.

In the morning:

  • Washing with zinc-containing soap without fragrance, lanolin, parabens or other irritants (Vanicream Z-Bar);
  • Alternating: 1st day with 2 % salicylic acid acne pads (Stridex), 2nd day with 5 % glycolic acid tonic by Pixi. Then 1 day of rest for the skin;
  • Vitamin C serum with vitamin E and ferulic acid (Timeless);
  • A soothing face gel with aloe and propolis (Benton Aloe Propolis);
  • Aloe extract sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ (COSRX).

In the evening:

  • Wash with Vanicream Z-Bar zinc-containing soap;
  • Soothing face gel with aloe and propolis (Benton Aloe Propolis);
  • Moisturizing: face cream (Hada Labo) + 1 drop Niacinamide Zinc Serum (The Ordinary) + 4 drops rosehip seed oil.

Fifth experience👩

The photo shows the progress of my skin care in 4 months.

In the morning:

  • micellar water;
  • Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, non-comedogenic toner (Neutrogena);
  • moisturizing lotion for normal to dry skin.

In the evening:

  • micellar water;
  • Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, non-comedogenic toner;
  • Acne treatment with zinc and niacinamide;
  • moisturizing lotion for normal and dry skin.

Sixth experience👩

 Result achieved in a year of experimentation with skin care products.

In the morning:

  • Washing with plain water;
  • Acne lotion with 2% benzoyl peroxide (on the chin);
  • Children's moisturizer (CeraVe).

In the evening:

  • Wash-up foam (Cetaphil);
  • For the chin - gel "Differin";
  • Moisturizing cream from Nivea.

Twice a week: an exfoliant with AHAs and BHAs.

Three times a week: a wrinkle-preventing cream for the eye and lip area.

Seventh Experiment👩

In the Morning:

  • facial cleansing gel (CeraVe);
  • Oil- and alcohol-free moisturizing cream with SPF 35 (Neutrogena).

In the evening:

  • facial cleansing gel;
  • Alternately: the 1st day - a peeling with 2% BHA acids (Paula's Choice), the 2nd day - a peeling with 10% AHA acids (Alpha Skincare);
  • Moisturizing cream without alcohol or oils.

Once a week: clay mask (Aztec Clay), oil cleansing.

The eighth experiment👩

The difference between the photos is 45 days. The girl took a wellness course for her skin, and in 45 days of taking the pills there was a result. Of course, we do not recommend the use of any medication without a doctor's recommendation. But perhaps her example will inspire her to see a dermatologist and solve a problem that has been plaguing her for more than a year. Here are her daily treatments during and after treatment:

During treatment:

  • In the morning - washing, applying moisturizing lotion (Cetaphil), Absorbica tablet (the drug fights blackheads that do not respond to other treatments, reduces sebum production);
  • In the evening, demake-up with ultrasoft wipes, wash with moisturizing cleansing cream gel, apply moisturizing lotion, then a skin protector, dotting the face and lips (Aquaphor).

After treatment:

  • In the morning, wash, moisturize with lotion with SPF 30 protection factor (CeraVe);
  • In the evening - make-up with ultrasoft wipes (Cetaphil), wash with moisturizing cleansing cream-gel, apply moisturizing lotion.

Once a week: by prescription, Tretinoin 0.05% cream, which is designed to treat acne and rejuvenate the skin.

The ninth experiment👩

 The difference between the photos is 2 weeks. The girl believes that the positive effect is due to the addition of safflower oil to her skin care products.

Products used:

  • Gel or micellar water to cleanse the skin;
  • Acne disks with salicylic acid (Stridex) or benzoyl peroxide;
  • facial moisturizer (Hada Labo);
  • occasional facial serum with honey extract (Scinic);
  • masks: regenerating night mask and foil mask (Sulwhasoo);
  • moisturizing cream;
  • safflower oil;
  • petroleum jelly.

The tenth experiment👩

 According to the girl who posted the photo, this is the first time in her life she goes to work without foundation. And her face has only eyebrow lipstick, mascara and highlighter on it. She doesn't use sunscreen. She thinks her skin is soft precisely because she applies eye cream all over her face.

In the morning:

  • Washing and de-makeup gel (Tarte);
  • Face spray with aloe, herbs and rose water (Mario Badescu);
  • Hyaluronic cream for the eye area (for the whole face);
  • rosehip oil (gives the skin a glow).

In the evening:

  • Makeup remover wipes (Neutrogena);
  • rosehip oil;
  • a non-scented moisturizing cream (Kiehl's).

The girl uses facial masks every few days, according to her, she just gets inexpensive ones at the supermarket and not any specific ones.